Thailand’s Famous Tourist Destinations

Every country has their own reasons to take pride or boast about their own country. It is the same with Thailand. You will surely be amazed by the beauty of this country. Do you want a proof? You can visit and explore it by your own. Thailand has a lot of beautiful places with great views. Try their islands! Are you fond of adventure? Do you feel relaxed by just looking at the waters? There’s a lot of beautiful beaches there! Try the Thai dishes as well. Surely, you’ll love it!

Phi Phi Islands. If you plan a trip to Thailand, don’t miss Phi Phi Islands on your itinerary! It’s a group of islands. So, basically it’s a large island. A lot of tourists explore this islands and it received great compliments from the tourists.

Similan Islands. Another group of islands which is really wonderful and a must-to-visit. This island consists of eleven islands! The view of these islands is really relaxing and a perfect place to unwind.

Koh Lipe. Though it’s not a large group of islands, it’s beauty is still stunning! It consists of just a small group of islands. Though small, it is rich with corals and crystal-clear waters.

Doi Inthanon National Park. In this park, you can see a number of beautiful waterfalls. If you can appreciate nature, this place is perfect for you! You can also see various kinds of plants and animals. It’s a perfect place for adventure such as hiking and simply sight-seeing!

You can see beautiful beaches, parks, group of islands, Buddhist temples as well as various kinds of restaurants especially Thai restaurants!